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About us

Want to further your career?
So do we!

At Comunico88, we want professionals who will stay with us for a long time. Your commitment to us is our commitment to you.

We’re an international company that values not only work ethics, but also empathy and pro-social behavior. We appreciate your help, and we will help you in turn to achieve our common goals – yours and ours!

We will offer you guidance and a nice place to work in. You provide the effort, we provide the success. So let’s work on your career, shall we?

What we do

We are all salesmen.

Whenever humans communicate, they sell. Even when you speak to your friends, you’re selling yourself as a good, caring and empathetic person. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Comunico88 is, first and foremost, an excellent sales team. And that is what we need – salespeople. Something you do, consciously or not, every single day, can become your profession.

What do we sell?

We sell our plaform for online trading on the Forex market. All of our sales are done over phone.

How do we sell it?
Each of us has a different style, and how you sell it is mostly up to you.

What do we require?
Knowledge of English and some good will. Seriously, that’s it.


If you think that a creative, comfortable,
performance-based job is
something that you can see yourself doing,
then come be a salesperson!

What does a salesperson do and what does a salesperson get?

Our team is here to sell over the phone. We sell financial services on the Forex market.
You, as a salesperson, communicate with foreign clients, in English, present the company’s platform in a favorable light, and explain why would it be good for them to use it.

Our salespeople get to work in an upwardly mobile environment. If they perform well, they are rewarded with bonuses that go along with the base salary. If it’s hot outside, don’t worry – our AC is running. We also have coffee and tea.